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Fully Automatic Poultry Growing Farm

We handle the business operations, while you gain the profits. Our broiler growing farms are under long-term contracts with food distributors and poultry companies who trust us to manage the growth of their broilers for the first 30 days of life. The integrator signs a contract with us, we nurture the chickens, and the integrator buys back the whole stock. It’s simple, safe, secure – and lucrative.

Nipple Drinking System Broilers
The automated nipple drinking system for broilers is a drinking system with nipples. A chicken would naturally eat more if it has many opportunities to drink. Water must always be available, as well as being hygienic and fresh. These are prerequisites that must always be satisfied.
H-Type Chicken Cage System

Farm App

This contemporary tool for poultry farming aids farmers in managing poultry batches, flock management, and feed inventory. Additionally, the software offers thorough visual and graphical reporting.
Farmers can track their financial flow for raising chicken with its assistance.

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We handle the management, while you enjoy the profits.
Get started today.

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