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How It Works

Have you been disappointed in other investment opportunities that have left you with little to no return on your hard-earned investment?

FundeFarm offers investors a better way to create generational wealth and financial independence.


Choose Investment Amount


Sign Agreements


Enjoy Your Profits

Sunset Martial Arts

We Provide Everything You Need To Begin Generating Up To 35% ROI annually

  • The land to build the farm

  • Construction of the farm

  • Hiring staff and laborers

  • The signing of contracts with integrators

  • Management of all farming operations

  • Handling of funds and financial reports

  • Local registrations and licensing

  • Official documents and investor rights agreements

Proposed Timeline

Phase 1
NDA Signing & Funds Transfer
Start Operations
Phase 2
Phase 3
First Withdrawal
Second Withdrawal
Phase 4
Phase 5
Third Withdrawal



Non-disclose Agreement signing between you and our company and deposit of your initial investment.



After all the funds are deposited, we're estimating to start the operation within the first 6 months, including the establishment of the facilities.



Your funds will be locked for 2 years, upon completion of this period you will be able to have your first withdrawal with an amount of 30% from the initial investment.



The estimation of full ROI is after 42 months. At this point, you will be able to withdraw a full amount of your initial investment (The last 70%)



Congratulations. In this phase, you start to have a net profit. After withdrawing the full invested amount, you will be able to withdraw annually your NET profit, which is 28-35% from your initial investment.

How To Maintain Stable Growth Through Economic Cycles?

Diversify Your Portfolio

Diversification is beneficial, especially during bear markets for equities, and Fundefarm's uncorrelated returns from traditional asset classes like stocks and bonds provide this.

Invest to Control Inflation

Traditional investment opportunities, including the stock market and real estate market, are extremely volatile and inherently risky. Fundefarm is a better natural inflation hedge than stocks, bonds, or even gold. 

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Acquire Extra Wealth

Your investment will be recovered in full after 48 months with an average of 28-35% annual returns. Within 7 years you doubled your initial investment.

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Now That You’re Seeing Returns – What’s Next?

Your initial investment funds will be locked for the first two years, and upon completion of this two-year term, investors can withdraw up to 30% of their initial investment. It takes 42 months before the full estimated ROI will be realised, and at that time, you will be able to withdraw the remaining 70% of your initial investment.

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